About Us

We are an association of old students of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree

We are committed to continuous improvement of educational activities and processes in the Institution through:

✔meaningful dialogue with the Polytechnic Management
✔diverse programmes of volunteer services and financial assistance
✔strengthening socio-economic relations among members
✔providing opportunity for role modeling for undergraduates in the Institution

Our Core Values

Our Association is built to function with combined power of all members, irrespective of position and location, to produce greater impact in terms of developing our alma mater, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and achieving strong socio-economic relationship aimed at ensuring the welfare of all members of the Association.

We believe in consistently and uncompromisingly adhering to the ethical principles and values of our Association. This is drawn from the motto of the Institution which is ‘Excellence in Character and Technology’. Brilliance without corresponding character is counter-productive and detrimental to societal development. OSPOLY Alumni Association believes in sincerity of purpose and openness in her activities. We value inclusiveness in decision making, every member of the Association has a voice in the affairs of the Association through Local Government Branches, State Chapters up to General Meetings at the National level.

We are not just Friends, We are Family

" We seek to foster unity among ourselves (old students) and work together in harnessing resources. "